Meet the Team



Chief Glass Officer (CGO)

Matt is the mastermind behind the glass works of Molehill Mountain's recycled bottle candles. He makes sure all the glass is cut, polished, cleaned and ready to be made into a candle. He's the person to talk to if you have a special project! He has also taken on much more candle pouring since the Assistant to the CDO arrived.





Chief Scent Officer (CSO)

Johanna is the one responsible for the wax and fragrance, and until recently, was the person pouring all your candles. Now she mostly stays at home (because of the Assistant to CDO) browsing amazon, and telling Matt she's sending out emails and invoices.






Chief Distraction Officer (CDO)

If you are a long-time client of Molehill Mountain, chances are high you met us when we were pregnant with Maisie. She joined the team in 2018 and can't wait until she can get involved with the business. She is super artistic and creative, and we're excited to see how she grows and becomes a part of our team.




Assistant to CDO

Zoe joined the Molehill Mountain team in 2021. She wants to help in any way she can, which is usually not very helpful at all. :) She will do anything Maisie does, and thinks she's a grownup already, which means she thinks she can DO anything already. She's going to be an awesome addition to our team!




Assistant to the Assistant to the CDO

Hankis the most recent addition to the Molehill Mountain team, just joining us (and Earth) in January! He is great at creating wardrobe change opportunities for Johanna, and offering plenty of smiles of encouragement - just don't ever put him down. He doesn't like that.