About Us

Molehill Mountain erupted out of a desire to escape corporate work environments and work for ourselves. We (Matt and Johanna) met in Beverly Hills, working in the Entertainment Industry. After living in LA for a few years, we decided to quit our jobs and commit to working for ourselves. The name Molehill Mountain comes from the saying, "Don't make a mountain out of a molehill," which to us exemplifies how we think life should be lived, and where our "Molehill Mountain Definition" came from. At our core, we just want to enjoy life, and we hope that our products help you do that and maybe even serve as a little reminder to relax, enjoy, and live it up!

Our candles were originally forged in the depths of a Santa Rosa (CA) garage. High quality wax is important for the look, touch, and of course, how a candle smells; that's why all our candles are 100% natural soy. Our fragrances are a blend of the best we could find and the coolest we could create. Everyday, we get up, drink a bunch of coffee, and then strive to be the best candle company on the planet. We keep at it because it's what we love to do. All that we hope for is that when you purchase a Molehill Mountain candle, you feel a little bit of that love. We think that you will. :)

(Johanna, Maisie, and Matt)

(We need a new family photo, our family has grown! Zoe joined the team in January 2021!)