Good Scents

Our candles are made with premium fragrance oils that are phthalate free and a blend of fragrance and essential oils.

Each scent goes through a rigorous selection process before it makes it into a candle.



Tropical or Fruity Scents

Cocowood - coconut, sandalwood, musky, fruity, tropical

Cocowater - coconut, sweet, tropical

Sweet Moo Juice - sweet, smooth, tropical

Melon Twist - fruity

Cocolimena - coconut, lime, verbena, sweet, tart, tropical

Bergamot - bergamot, grapefruit, crisp citrus


Floral Scents

Plumeria Cove - plumeria, sweet, floral

Sweetie Pea - sweet pea, sweet, floral

Night Bloom - gardenia, tuberose, sweet, floral


Clean, Fresh, Bright Scents

Mo Fresh & Mo Clean - clean, fresh

Cactus Aloe - clean, fresh

Oasis - clean, fresh, herbal

White Tea - clean, bright

Lavender + Sage - herbal


Musky Scents

French Oak - musky, very masculine


Sensual or Warm Scents

Amour - warm, sensual, vanilla, amber

Nude - warm, sensual, amber

Tobacco Leaf - warm, spice, sweet


Winter or Holiday Scents

Spiced Pear - spices, pear, sweet

Plumpkin Pie - sweet, pumpkin, slight hint of orange

Christmasy - cinnamon, clove, pine, orange, smokey, Christmas

Cinnful - cinnamon, clove

Sweet Butter Cookie - butter, cookie, very sweet

Gravenstein Apple Basket - crisp, fresh apple

Apple Harvest - apple, spice

Happy Camper - sweet marshmallow, smokey, woodsy



What is the chandler burning?

I'm currently in love with Cactus Aloe and Happy Camper and have them going in my bedroom and living room. :-D I've also been burning a citronella essential oil and night bloom candle out on the deck to repel the bugs!